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Be a Conference Sponsor

On Friday, August 15, 2014, at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park Event Center, the City of Dripping Springs, the first Dark Sky Community in Texas, and the International Dark Sky Association Texas (IDA Texas) present “Better Lights for Better Nights” Conference, a day-long event designed to educate and inform attendees about the advantages and importance of using artificial light at night only where and when it’s needed. Vendors and exhibitors will be sharing displays and demonstrations, and organized sessions led by professionals and educators, will cover:

    • Detailed education addressing the challenges presented by outdoor lighting, including:               
      • Energy costs and economic impact to your area
      • Actual safety & security versus the illusion of security
      • Light trespass and saving our common view of the sky
      • Health & ecological consequences of artificial light at night
    • Ordinances and Texas laws: examples on how some municipalities have put forth ordinances and guidance on implementing new/improved lighting regulations
    • Instruction on the finer details of inspections/enforcement of such ordinances
    • Solutions for unincorporated areas


Dripping Springs is the first Dark Sky Community in Texas, and is among the first to host such an event. We are humbled by the support and generosity of our community in hosting this conference to help protect our night skies and keep our Texas stars shining brightly.

For companies and organizations that are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, four different levels of sponsorship are available. This event is co-hosted by International Dark Sky Association, a non-profit organization; your donation amount will be tax deductible.

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Exhibitors will be welcome to begin setting up the day-of at 7:00am. One table and electrical outlet will be available per exhibit.  The space is air-conditioned and has limited availability for drive-up parking for those needing to unload. The exhibits will be set up to surround the participants at this conference as to allow participants to view exhibits during breaks, etc. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email betterlights@TexasNightSkyFestival.org or click here for more information. 

click below to download a sponsorship packet with more information:

Completed forms with checks made payable to IDA Texas may be mailed to:

City of Dripping Springs, attn: BLBN, P.O. Box 384, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620